Choo Choo Explorer is a unique and memorable cruising experience onboard a custom catamaran vessel along the waters of the Dickson Inlet. Relax while venturing along the picturesque Port Douglas waterway, and be inspired by a deeper understanding of the ecology, landscape, history and culture of this iconic destination.

Sunset tours daily, and 3-in-1 cruise-dine-train packages seasonally

Your trip on Choo Choo Explorer is a wonderful way to watch the world drift by while exploring the untouched nooks of this exotic location, all in supreme comfort! The river adventure is immersive and informative, guided by a friendly and professional local Captain and hostess, who knows exactly where to spot our elusive (and sometimes reclusive) wildlife. With the amazing shallow draft of the jet-powered vessel, you can get close and personal with the locals, and explore the farthest reaches of Port Douglas' iconic waterway.

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Choo Choo Explorer
Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina , Port Douglas, QLD 4877

0403 068 505

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