Your reef, your way: Which Great Barrier Reef tour is for you?

If you’ve ever typed “Great Barrier Reef tours” into Google and immediately had heart palpitations from the thousands of search results that swim onto the page, you’re not alone. With so many tours to choose from, it’s easy to panic and lucky-dip your decision. But instead of losing yourself in the big blue of the interweb, we’ve brought you the Great Barrier Reef tours making wav...


17 April

How to do Port Douglas Carnivale

If you thought Carnivale was reserved for the streets of Rio or Rome - you need to get to Port Douglas between 25-27 May and stat. Rex Smeal Park and the surrounding streets transforms from ...

07 March

Indulge your sweet tooth in Port Douglas

Writer Ernestine Ulmer famously said "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first", but we say to hell with dinner and just eat dessert. In the post most likely to put you into a diabetic coma, we presen...

29 September

Livin' large el loco: The luxury accommodation guide to PD

What do Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue and Matthew McConaughey all have in common? Other than loads of money and strange blended cross-country accents (except for McConaughey – we could listen to t...

21 September

Living like a local: where to dine in Port Douglas

“People who love food really are the best people.” – Julia Child The Mistress of the Kitchen was really onto something with this fine observation, and with more visitors to this region scheduling ...

09 February

Make like TLC and chase waterfalls at these used-to-be-secret waterfalls

The rainforest-clad mountain ranges surrounding Port Douglas and the Daintree region hide a handful of majestic waterfalls where the journey to find the waterfalls is as much a part of the adventu...

01 May

Pack your appetite: Port Douglas’ food trails are calling

If the grumbling of your stomach leads the way on holidays, there are plenty of tasty food trails near Port Douglas waiting to be discovered. It makes sense; being in the heart of the tropics,...

04 April

Port Douglas events to mark in your calendar this year

If Port Douglas had a middle name, it would be “relaxing”. That is, unless you time your visit for event season which is nothing short of action-packed, adrenaline-inducing and full of aquatic-the...

12 September

Seafood basket to sashimi, where to get your seafood fix in Port Douglas

When you find yourself in the once-sleepy-fishing-village of Port Douglas, in the heart of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef, it’s no surprise to find seafood plays a big part in both the l...

12 September

Short and Sweet: 5 tours to take when you’re short on time in Port Douglas Daintree

Fill in the blanks: “I don’t have time to …” I hear you! I could fill that sentence in till I run out of time to talk about it! Whether you’re on holiday or trying to enjoy your weekend, th...

...What was that restaurant?

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