Port Douglas Christmas & New Year's Eve Event Guide 2018

Before you finalise the gift list, make sure you and your Christmas Crew have got the best seats in the house to spread the tropical Christmas cheer this year in Port Douglas. Let someone else take care of basting the ham, prepping the prawns and making sure the champers is always on ice. We have got the essential guide to spreading Christmas cheer this year in Port Douglas and then ki...


29 May

Where to save and splurge during a weekend away in Port Douglas

We’re sure Miranda Kerr would agree, there’s one problem when you’re picture perfect. You have a tendency to give off unobtainable vibes. Port Douglas is a destination that knows all too well the ...

15 May

Your reef, your way: Which Great Barrier Reef tour is for you?

If you’ve ever typed “Great Barrier Reef tours” into Google and immediately had heart palpitations from the thousands of search results that swim onto the page, you’re not alone. With so many ...

01 May

Pack your appetite and sample local foods with these Port Douglas food trails

If the grumbling of your stomach leads the way on holidays, there are plenty of local foods in and around Port Douglas waiting to be discovered. It makes sense; being in the heart of the ...

17 April

How to do join the ultimate Port Douglas celebration: Port Douglas Carnivale

If you thought Carnivale was reserved for the streets of Rio or Rome - you need to get to Port Douglas between 25-27 May and stat. Rex Smeal Park and the surrounding streets transforms from ...

04 April

Port Douglas events to mark in your calendar this year

If Port Douglas had a middle name, it would be “relaxing”. That is, unless you time your visit for the Port Douglas events season which is nothing short of action-packed, adrenaline-inducing and f...

21 March

Beach to bush: Port Douglas day hiking trails you need in your life

There’s no doubt about it - road trips are pretty epic in North Queensland (Great Barrier Reef Drive, anyone?), but they’ll only get you so far. There are some places only your feet can take you, ...

07 March

Indulge your sweet tooth in Port Douglas

Writer Ernestine Ulmer famously said "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first", but we say to hell with dinner and just eat dessert. In the post most likely to put you into a diabetic coma, we presen...

09 February

Make like TLC at one these used-to-be-secret waterfalls

The rainforest-clad mountain ranges surrounding Port Douglas and the Daintree region hide a handful of majestic waterfalls. Up here, the journey to find a waterfall is as much a part of the advent...

03 January

9 free things to do in Port Douglas and Daintree

There’s nothing worse than that twang of anxiety dancing around in the back of your mind, ruining your weekend or holiday – telling you that you need to tone down the spending! Nobody likes to...

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